Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Puts Me to Sleep, Wakes Me Up

There's a project in residence at the foot of my bed in two gallon size  plastic bags.
It's a hat and since it will be felted  into its final form, It's rather large. I'm at the point where I am just going round and round and counting and checking and refining my notes from the first time it was done. Pattern writing used to be a  lot less freighted. I now hear the voices of future testers, based on the  comments of past testers, and where my fingers once flew, now they plod. O! Fingers, I am so very grateful that you still work, ! wooden hook I am so grateful that you feel so good moving the bulky yarn. The words get in the way, to quote the song. The mind.
So in this instance crochet is a soporific and progress has ground to a every-time-i-touch-it-i-fall-asleep.

Then tonight, I heeded the call of the wild. Freeform that is, from down-under Oz, from where hails fabulous fiberista Prudence Mapstone  who not only makes magic, she teaches and inspires it. This year's theme for the summoning is hearts and flowers, two categories of things for which I have designed many.

I feel I've striven mightily and made much of flowers, even making another clutch for that unannounced/un-concluded Vogue flower competition. It's time to trot them out.

But I haven't plumbed the depth of heartness. So a googling I went. And I found some hearts that made my fingers twitch, my heart race and my mouth water.
So maybe I'll be up till dawn. My two pick hits are dimensional hearts.
Both in and of themselves fulfill the assignment as they are hearts that include or allude to flowers.

Mia's Rosy heart is brilliant:

as is Jenn's ornament

So maybe I'll be up til dawn again. I'm delighted to be rekindled and hopefully
this glow will extend to completing  more of my many works in progress.

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