Monday, February 11, 2013

Crochet for Fur Refugees

Last year after Hurricane Sandy, a friend and her husband saw a kitten  in their  near country neighborhood. They live up the hill from , in the part of town where the bears, big cats, deer and coyote roam. They have 3 pugs and know the critters in their neighborhood. They were persuaded to give the charming tuxedo'd guy shelter, but he cried and cried.  They figured out why, when they  found his sister, grey and white. The godfolks tried every shelter and got the  dynamic duo their first shots, but there was no room at the inn.

Then they remembered that i wanted a cat, for Obi had been part of a duo. After some introductory visits Zen and Dindi joined Obi and me. We're still a work in progress. Dindi is the mediator or shy one, Zen is  mucho macho, even after being neutered Obi  has forgiven me but not the situation.
We've had new thoughts for the new year.

Zen shown claimed it first, but now Dindi sleeps in it. I designed two cocoons for them. It took a bit of coaxing and catnip before the first became habit but the lip was used like a lounge and the bowl was the bed.

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