Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Favorite Flower

This flower blew my mind. It satisfies what I like most -- a huge reward for a modicum of effort. It's insightful, crunchy, deliciously dimensional.
I've used it in my exhibited wall hanging.
 I've made gifts of it. I've felted it and changed its character.

I've made a couple of changes to it,as one does to beloved patterns, when you are fully engaged in the dance, I prefer using adjustable rings mostof the time unless I want a hole in the center. And I vary the lengths of the petals.

This pattern taught me something new when I met it. I took the lesson to heart about ways to texture and shape. I salute its creator.
The picture on the website doesn't do it justice. I'll add some as I make them.
It could be described as a sort of  chrysanthemum or a zinnia. It is simply called Flower.

Thank you CrochetNMore for Flower!

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