Thursday, February 28, 2013

Heart, Fruit, Houseplant Leaves

Last year I worked on a second  collection of crocheted leaves. If there is any way to characterize them, they all have an openness of form  and combine  filled and empty spaces in different ways. They are what folks call graphic, they are yarn drawings.

I don't know why I didn't  finish editing, testing and presenting them. I think I became both busy and discouraged. I'm generally busy  but encouraged, I'll pile another thing on. Prudence Mapstone's Hearts and Flowers endeavors reminded me of heart chains. The heart chains reminded me of leaf chains and this reminded me of heart leaves -- heart-shaped leaves or leaves that double as hearts.

I took the time to key in my fruit leaf -- it was a from a discussion on how to  interpret a leaf. I named my interpretation fruit leaf, because it looks like a fruit.

The houseplant leaf is so named because it reminds me of the one of the huge plants that grew in my grandparents' parlor.  I'm working on charts for them as well.
This is a bit of a challenge for the fruit leaf, but good practice for the brain.

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