Saturday, February 3, 2007

FreeForm Crochet Challenge

The FreeForm Crochet Group is sponsoring a Challenge to create scrumbles on the four elements and a three-D piece for the Tree of Life.
I got excited and have done Fire, Water and Earth. Air is nearly completed. What fun!
As soon as I finish some other projects, I want to return to these themes for wall hangings. I reread the rules,so I can't share my imges until the great unvieling.
I was surprised to thrill to fire--- I guess it's all the red word I've been doing. Earth was felted and while the shrinkage put it's stitches and elements, it just doesn't have the high energy that water,fire and even the unfinished air have.
I'm trying to fibure out if it's the color pallette or my stitches. I added gold for the sand of earth and black for ore, so that stretched the browns and beiges.... i wish i had a redclay color, too....

I can share the image of my ATCs, though.
And my small epiphany that led me to combine my exploration of single crochet cords with my tiny heart and create felted er fulled bookmarks for Valentine's Day. YAY!

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