Wednesday, February 7, 2007


I love flowers, flower forms and now, the epiphanic form of LEIS!
wow! So insightful and so so lovely,
So 3D, so many applications. for me--- having had cord joy, the lei as a pierced cord makes me want to think of other rearticulated/pierced/amended cord forms....

I will make some for the Tree of Life challenge in FF Crocrochet group.
I made some leis bracelets-- they are so precious!!!! i see connecting different forms with cabone rings, if i ever get some lol!

There are other lei crochet books, but I read on another site that Roberta Wong's are the best--- which I it when they let you sneak a look at the books on Amazon! ... the yarn is a pinky purple--- so much nicer than the pink, to me and a yellowy green.....

I did buy the book as they had one for $6.77, but now i regret it, because money is so tight.... i lost control...

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