Monday, January 29, 2007

Valentine Ami

I used my tiny heart pattern to make a Valentine Ami.
it's both wetfelted and needle felted ( i think--- this is new to me, LOL) and is about 2.5 inches tall...
I think I'll make a couple more for V-Day.
I don't know if jabbing it with the 10 # 38 needles did much, though it seeme to improve and fix the mouth....
the step lady likes green , so I keep working with it.
Thir green and purple are the colors for some of my flowers

I am really please with the charm necklace, so much so I've begun another, just to refine, and continure to think it through

felting a flat cord helped me create a lovely bookmark for a special friend... though this is probably not the blue he likes, it was fun to develop this --- it feels both sturdy and delicate..again it's the tiny hear elaborated with the viney sc cord.....

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Pirk said...

That is really cute, Akua!
What a clever idea.