Thursday, January 25, 2007

New Piece - Charm Necklace


thanks to Noeva for naming this!
I created this for Jacqui who loves red. I wanted to create a neckpiece that had the energy of freeeform and used my newly desined flowers and leaves but was more wearable.

Well using the old industrial lesson of modularity ( ye s dears, back in ancient of days I was involved in presenting cords for newly freed from hardwired phones) I thought I would create something that could have as many or as few motifs as the wearer desires.

Aswith glass, I see so many things that look good, but not wearable.... or they exist in catwalk,exhibition space, but I cna't envision where or when i would put the things on.

I love wearing my flower necklaces anyday for a cheer me up or dress me up. So as I finish Red Charm Necklace One, Number Two has begun production and I'm working on a springtime lime/newgrass green color way

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