Sunday, January 14, 2007

Creating the Flower Scarf 1

It's taking me forever to post this journey. Maybe someone out there like me will be aided by this listing. First I was looking to look, to learn, to sort out my ideas. Then, when I found what I wanted, I couldn't afford it and then, realizing that indeed, I wanted to sell what I made, realized the constraints on using someone else's patterns. The meandering link list will explain that I grew to reject the sewing together at the end approach, because it is seems so labor intensive (although one could collect the odd flower for a year, sort through them and then jsut stitch them together).

I wanted a flower scarf. then I wanted a leaf scarf because the flower scarves I saw had more colors than I could fulfill and I wanted something winter.

Scale--- I couldn't find the right scale
Calla lilly Scarf
I like this idea but not the scale.
Fabulous flower Boa

Trail of Blossoms Scarf in Lion Brand Romance

The scale is too big. 1 motif = 4" and the scarf is 2 motifs wide and tehn some. The picuture makes it look.... cumbersome...
though as i was writing this i found

and she works it but it still looks a bit big and cumbersome. I love purple, though and this lady will be mentioned again.

This is just boring and .... klugy.

SAme with this knitted Eskimo scarf, lovely to look at again it looks large around the neck with flowers dangling from the end.

Another commercial site with flowers as not intergral, tacked on at the end, made in Bolivia
Amano Crochet Flower Scarf
flower scarf
Fun but another kind of of would wearing it be comfortable?

Caron ( a yarn seller) has a black mesh scarf over which posies are strewn, the posies , 8 spoked wheels in two layers of clusters shells are among my least favorite interpretations of a flower in crochet. and they don't bother to tell you how to make them, just the black mesh scarf. portugese freeformer i dig her exuberance--- Jan 2 shows a scarf approach that i feel more for my necklaces...

Then there's the crochet.flower scarf pattern that says make sixteen flowers and then sew them together that seemed more the width and weight , but sewing 32 points at the end did not excite me

100 flowers? Lovely but again all that sewing at the end!
once again, lots of sewing!
another set of sewn together flowers

ahhh! China

another verision of sewn at the end

Here's another commercial version

then I saw this lovely scarf flower give away and thought: That's the ticket!
This is the "Garden Scarf" from SNB: The Happy Hooker
But the pattern is in a book and I'm poor and disabled and gee-- I want to make a scarf that I can sell and so be less poor and enable myself.

This design presents the flower more graphically, which gives the scarf a loft and air, though i find it a bit too square.

So my design: edited. I decided to enter it into a contest or two, so I can't describe them here. If they -- o the one became two-- don't win, place or show, I'll share their images here.

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