Sunday, January 14, 2007


I am so excited and delighted with the scrumptious texture of the front post double crochet cords.
They are so easy and emerge looking complex and architectural!

I started a triangular one and kept on going, knowing I wanted it for a necklace, did a round one and stopped the sample.

Played with the sample and it immediately reminded me of Fulani earrings that the Met (museum of art) used to sell, so I tried it again. I made a mistake with the second one and so had a six ridge vs. a five ridge and so got to see what that looked like, too. I think I'll try the four-ridge tonight, just to have a sample.

I felted a five ridge/circle and it became tighter than i expected--- a textured bead! I'll post these pix, too.

Thanks again, Bonnie!

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