Saturday, January 13, 2007

New Flowers, New Cords

Finishing is the hardest for me. I am sublime at beginning, at starting at initiating, but the hard part is finishing. Although, that said, there is a lot that I have finished- high school, college, grad school, several manuscripts, playlets, stories, but gee my novel is undone,as well as the full play i thought about errr welll 20 years ago, and yep there's a mnuscript, I haven't found the way to doing all the final edits... there are more poems I think belong in it. And then I was detoured through this struggle and began to write about I digress.

I am pleased to have lost sleep to make myself finish this thought with my newest flowers--- my crocheted version of Amaryllis, which i coveted and in another life, would have both afforded and bought. They were blazing from the Jackson and Perkins catalog, a catalog which in another life, i used to order Christmas tree shaped rosemary for gifts and rosminiature roses for friends and family. sigh . well glad i did it while i could though it hurts to not be able to, any longer.

So I gifted myself with this evocation of flowers
I don't have and can't get. along with the prayer to return home to my flowers that will bloom again in a few months....

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