Saturday, March 16, 2013

Stumbling Into Discovery: Venetian Lace

Looking at one thing led to another, and a site where motifs  and their symbol charts were displayed:

One in particular caught my fancy and I made it as part of my do-something-daily for National Crochet Month and the Party , Crochet Along (CAL) in Freeform (FF) at Ravelry.

When I shared my effort, a couple of partygoers mentioned Venetian Lace.  Knowing an opportunity to learn when I see one, I did another google surf of images and saw what I would describe as file squares framed by picoted arches. I had tried picot arches last year, after becoming infatuated with them last year from a Duplet magazine.

Here’s a link to an article from 1999 that tells you how, step by step, to make Venetian Crochet: Patterns For 1915 Motif, Collar and Lace Edging  The modern directions give you clues, but it still goes astray in terms of sequence of events.  I gave up on the sequence as written ,and made the loops, then covered them, using this process for both levels and made a Venetian Square:

 Loren Gaggini, one of the wonderful creators on Ravelry, very kindly shared this gorgeous image of a piece made by a family member. 

She writes "It was cool to see an (almost) duplicate in the magazine: Crochet Traditions, Fall 2012, p. 48-49 titled “A Vintage Venetian Border”. The article is not credited but the source of the original pattern is: “An Embroidered Teacloth, with Border in Venetian Crochet” by Anna Hapgood, originally appearing in the December 1916 issue of Needlecraft Magazine. Whitney Dorband is credited with crocheting the sample in the photo on p. 48"

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