Saturday, March 9, 2013

Of Elephants and Inspiration

There is a National Crochet Month Party going on at Ravelry and I've been partying.
This has meant  several low-sleep nights and lots of time on the net, looking, pinning new discoveries on my Crochet Inspirations Pinterest board, chatting with  crocheters I haven't written since last year's blow out.  It's like an artist's retreat
without the physical relocation. But in the same way that the right poetry prompt  seeds your next unfolding and the doing it with others fuels creating, as does the dialyness of effort, well there are all the ingredients for new growth and learning spurt.

Last year yielded so much work that still needs to be finished. This year promises more of the same.

The prompt was to look up from your computer and  consider what you see. Above me is an elephant that my younger brother sent me. He remembered me and I was so deeply touched that in a time when most have abandoned me, he hasn't. So it is both what it is, an evocation of creatures that I admire, and an embrace.  

I collect elephants and he's the first person in my life to ever give me one ( and since getting her, someone else has given me several).

She is covered in leaves, so I looked for a leaf like those on her. It was an opportunity to try some patterns. And then I made several elephant heads. 
Then I worked on a pattern which I've named Elephant Love: 

60% of this pattern's sales will go to Elephant Conservation, because these beautiful beings are under threat.


Albert White said... were always my inspiration!

Akua Lezli Hope said...

Thank you, my brother!