Saturday, March 24, 2012

FF CAL Day 22-23

Meditating on the Mayan prompt, the images and symbols, i thought about our symbols - alphabet and so i made a letter, then made more letters, then some words.

I wanted to create  letters in a way that did not require sewing or breaking the yarn. I found a pattern for a S in my files and then made up my own A, K, L, O, V, E, Z, I to create Akua, Love Is, and Lez. My Z is backwards unless viewed on the wrong side. There’s no way around it, if i want Z to be right side facing, I have to break the yarn.

There is a beautiful bit of netting/background, framed in a square in Duplet 130.. i can see letters hanging/sewn or crocheted in in this way as a signature block… but my letters are large, i have to make 2” letters. I'm enjoying creating and playing with the  letters… and then i made a flat Mayan doll and a bullion spiral.

Day 23
The chain prompt led to my chain person. It is worked continuously, beginning with the block of chains as instructed, the only break is the waist-cinch chain. I really enjoyed playing with chains! I found some sportweight (yay) and so tried another chart without instructions, but making it a bit short and those are the picot linked leaves.

Then i tried the crazy mesh at first reading a chart and then trying to generate my own defined randomness ( 3 2 2 7 4 5)
and my overstock floor blocks arrived yesterday so i can dry and have a tray and rehearse pieces with greater speed and ease. The vine was to be an edging for my middle piece but i think it looks better framing/containing the crazy mesh. The layout helps -- I need to make a bigger O, or cram the letters closer together but it’s interesting to me that this resembles my handwriting.

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