Sunday, March 25, 2012

DAY 24

Day 24
sewing and moving stuff around and creating more letters including my own S. And then trying to write down how to make the letters, because I wanted to remember the solutions and keep a record of sizing. The new word is HEAL in letters 20% smaller than my first ones (starting chain of 12 vs. ch 15)

I no longer had room for the unassembled pieces. And sewing was a great physical challenge for me -- I think i need another table…. I tried sewing pieces together vertically, and them switched to putting pieces in the tray and sewing.

I was sad when some solutions left out the plan -- because pieces were dropped or had run away and then reappeared too late to be included.

If i hadn’t used wire and metal, I might have considered a garment, as it over all 3 feet by six feet (approx. 1 meter by 2 meters). I ordered material to hang/mount it and hope it arrives in time.

One of the forgotten pieces that reappeared was the frame. It will fulfill my Irish piece prompt  though there will be a another bunch of sewing to attache the netting and the letters (sigh).

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