Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Crochet # 3 in USA!

Now that there is verifiable proof of the extent and breadth of our presence, it behooves many to pay better, and more sustained attention to us!!

Crochet is #3 in household participation (17.4 million households) and #7 in sales ($1.062 billion)in the USA!

"In a news release posted on April 5, 2011 THE CRAFT and HOBBY ASSOCIATION announced the results of the 2010 CHA U.S. Attitude & Usage Study which presents the top craft sectors and annual consumer spend. The U.S. craft and hobby industry is at $29 billion with about 56% of U.S. households crafting at least once a year."

Knitting is #8 in participation and doesn't make the top ten in sales.


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