Saturday, September 11, 2010

Designing, Testing

Two pattern tests appeared on Ravelry that I though would give me a quick vacation from all the things
I've got to do: finish my bag design, wrap up a swap I'm hosting, do my taxes, finish a poem.

I made it into one on Thursday and finished the objects by Friday. They did give me that I'm procrastinating but doing something useful with my prevaricating. I am enamored of the pumpkin as two years ago I was reading, making and trying to figure out a better pumpkin and this designers was that pumpkin, I also made a little red wagon.

It was the boost I needed. I wrote the Leaf Bag pattern, nearly finished the poem and went outside and trimmed some bushes, banishing some creeping agoraphobia. Thank you orange pumpkin and red wagon!

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