Monday, September 6, 2010

Akua's Cosy Apple Cosies

Apple Cosy, Apple Cosies, how hard could they be?

After I saw a pattern priced beyond my
budget, I decided I needed to figure this out and write my own. I saw that there were two schools of thought on cozies one where the cosy was apple adornment and another where the cozy was apple shield/armor case. So I made a high rise and a low rider pattern.

Also as a leaf and flower maker, I figure I would include a couple of leaf options to adorn the adornment. And a button, as I couldn't find just the right button for this and didn't want to search, so why not put yarn to work as it was there, at hand and willing.

And Voila! Akua's cozy apple/fruit cosies are made.

Now the backstory: my beloved niece is going to Oxford. I designed and made her several neckwarmers and from two I had a little bit of yarn. What could I make? I was thinking about a purse-- they're next--- but the cosy-- o a bit of froufrou for her fruit to keep it jacketed and safe as it is tossed in her bag as she strides across
the English greens.

They're cute. Think I'll make some more for holiday gifts.


nathalie said...

ils sont très jolis tes étuis pour les pommes
bravo Akua !!!

mamabanana said...

I think these are absolutely gorgeous!!!! as usual, your designs are creative and different. Hope you are well. Wanted to thank you once again for your efforts on behalf of my countrymen during our recent awful flood. Thanks to the generosity of angels like you, people like me were able to get out there and do TONS AND TONS of good work. If you would like to see some photos of the work we have done, message me and i will send you the link to our facebook page.... every little bit helps...

best regards,

Akua Lezli Hope said...

Thank you! Yes!