Saturday, August 21, 2010

So Much to Say, So Little I can Tell

This media, this forum, this internet is wonderful, wondrous, a life saver for me, physically and psychologically, as I live in a place of bereavement that is culturally impoverished, though blessedly, there is electricity and cable, water and shelter...
I digress, but needed this bit of scene setting to say, there is so MUCH I wanted to share here, but could not.

Because sharing would preclude the possibility of audience in other venues and remuneration.

Alas,most pattern publishers say that if an image of your creation has appeared anywhere
on the net, they won't consider it.

I've got ten patterns being considered in several places. I hope they make it, because if they do, I can make more. Ferris Wheel Cowl, I had decided, was a gift of an idea
that arrived after I committed to give money to Pakistani flood victims. As such,
I will self publish it, so that it might earn funds to send more quickly.

I miss those carefree times of showing working in progress.

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