Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ferris Wheel Cowl/Crown

A new stitch design derived from two forbears (that leads me to another), gets its debut in this small garment.

The Ferris Wheel Cowl is the first in a series for this stitch pattern.
Lightweight neck decor, a great season spanner,
for the cool nights that follow hot days at the State Fair, a layer that you can carry in your bag to ward off chills.
It makes a cute crown/open top hat, too.

I'm very grateful to the Free Pattern Testers group and Ravelry for being there, creating a place where people from around the world assist each other in this beautiful way.

Size: 7h"x 21"c

After testing, 50% of this pattern's sales will be sent to UNHCFR and Doctors Without Borders for Pakistani flood victims.

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