Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Sea and Me:2 Lula, Eja and Starfish

I envisioned attendants for 'Maya. first, a squid, because I saw a PBs show on how smart they are, smarter than the scientists deemed necessary for their short lives and place on the food chain. Then i heard a story about how a curious squid damaged some aquarium, swimming somewhere they didn't think it could and gumming up some works.
So I create Lula (I)

and then looked at and read some more about gigantic squid and colossal squid and revamped her pattern. Lula is Portugese for squid.

Of course there needs to be a fish. I considered a dolphin, but in whatever level of fantasy/reality I was going to assume, a dolphin would be the same size as her, unless I was saying the goddess is a giant.... so Eja also had two design iterations.

The Starfish and o how they come in so many flower-like configurations remained more or less the same.

Early results from pattern testing seems that what I wrote is what they got and are, so I am pleased.


random Cindy said...

Love the squid! Have you seen the movie, Ponyo? It's a kids movie but it's a wonderfully uplifting story and it's got lots of imaginative sea creatures.

Akua Lezli Hope said...

i LOVED PONYO!!! it gave me lovely dreams, it was strangely grown up for kids... i found it very evocative and romantic but somehow it also reminded me of father's children books like Kasperle and Wind in the Clouds-- gorgeous illustration and stories with an edge. Thanks for sharing!