Monday, February 15, 2010

Headbands for Mexican Girls Orphanage

I don't know how I came across suaviloquy's call to make floral head bands for a Mexican girls orphanage, but it was a compelling combination of heart and hand. I love
designing and making flowers and to make them for folks who might actually *appreciate*
them, is singular and wonderful.

Plus this occurs at the same time as the Ravelympics, where the fiber workers compete by creating while watching feats of athletic prowess.

Winter sports hold no thrill for me, beyond that of witnessing accomplishment, though I hope to watch the luge and see the NY upstater from the small town break a record.

Suaviloquy's creation hearkens another: Creative Yarn

O! I just figure out how I found Suaviloquy---- she was talking about Kokeshi dolls!!!

After making one their way using some gifted gold/yellow acrylic,

I made my own favorite rose using Vann's Choice Baby in Poodle (a dull pink)
livened by the lovely green of Sweetpea which used up my remnants of Sweetpea and made me want more.

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Julia said...

Hi! I just found you on ravelry. I made headbands like these for a family of girls that we sponsored for Christmas! It's nice to see that someone else out there is on the same page!

I hope it's not prying to say that I notice you have a Hawaiian first name. Are you Hawaiian?