Monday, December 28, 2009

What's next?

There's a high and a low after finishing the Christmas gifts. But my wonderful gift of a Kindle sure added fuel to the embers! Though it came with a leather "case" this was more like a book cover, it did not encase it.

So I crocheted a case for it, that is so scrumptious. So now, I've got a new product design to add to my Etsy store.

On Ravelry, there is a call for a swap of Kokeshi dolls.

I'm going to try and make the five required before the year is out -- it will push me to think about faces.


Anonymous said...

Wow that is so nice...great idea...I got a kindle too...dont you love it..!!Im checking out your Etsy..!!

Akua Lezli Hope said...

Thanks! YES, I am LOVING my Kindle, which has rekindled reading for me, because of its portability. I'm physically challenged with books piled
by the side of the bed, btu hard to reach....

Lynn said...

Can you share the information about the Kokeshi dolls - I love them - I have for years! I have been planning on trying to create some cloth ones this year.

Akua Lezli Hope said...

My next post will go into more detail.
I created a pattern-- there are others on the web.