Thursday, December 10, 2009

Mother Tree and Alternative Yarns

I crocheted a root out of length of languishing hemp for Helen Hiebert's project.
It is a delight, as a papermaker to support this woman whose writing
so informed my practice, to demonstrate my gratitude.

This seems to me, upon reflection, part of my own exploration of non yarn/alternative fibers. Long overdue as a papermaker, I bought someone's destashing of paper yarn. Paper yarn making has long been a consideration, but it seemed so labor intensive and beside the point as a fiberholic...

I've been unable to find seagrass for a reasonable price (including shipping) but
I bought some jute and sisal to play with, after I complete my necklace of cotton string.

Yet now, as I begin to spin, it's all connected and all returns. The best moments come when i make these connections between endeavors and desires, like hand made books, my poems on handmade paper, my folded books on handmade paper about handpapermaking, and now I have on the list, to create crocheted covers for handmadebooks.

Maybe i won't shred all the jeans to make paper-- perhaps I should make yarn of it!

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