Friday, March 6, 2009

Leaves, Flowers

OOO! Soooo busy that I feared talking about what I was doing would replace doing it.
So first let me chat about leaves. I hope to entice more people to buy my wonderful leaf patterns, especially as
crocheting seems generally leaf challenged, when the manufacturers of yarn post the yechiest free patterns
of mishapen bloboids and people praise them!

But yes, since it's free, I guess it's good== it sure helped me refine and define my leaf esthetic, although to be sure, seeing more refined, and easy options presented for knitters, made me want to add my two centimes to the conversation, so to speak.

Anyway, those who sell the most patterns seem to sell objects more than motifs. I'm a motif maven, myself and
I guess that why I'm drawn to freeform. big hunks of repetition bore me, but if I develop a leaf hat pattern or a
scarflette/neckwarmer, that may attract more folks to my leaves.

Anyway, I've made several necklaces and a leaf lariat for sale. Hopefully, someone will find these compelling and purchase them.

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