Thursday, January 1, 2009

Hope's Birds Published

As it turned out, I made two and when I received the wonderful eyes from an Etsy seller and put them in, they looked luminous and kindly to me, like the budgy lovey dovey couple my parents were ( which sooooo annoyed me when i was young and now I long to see them again). I always thought beautiful bird for my mother, but she didn't particularly like birds, though my parade of pets began with several parakeets in the South Bronx and my aunt had a huge parrot that had his own room in her house.....

The pattern is now available for download here at Lulu.

I'm sharing these for free, to encourage their creation for peace, especially the wonderful Tikkun Tree Project.
I love putting craft in service of peace and helping others. Join me in crafting something for those in need this year.

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Robin said...

beautiful. Thanks for sharing.