Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas Tree Pattern!

At last, I join the glad group! After several all nighters, I've finished my Christmas Tree patterns.

This way I pay hommage, as I will to the end of my days, to the beautiful people, the parents who turned their poor selves inside out to make magic in my life. We were poor and they were brilliant and loving. I remember when I grew
up, that the best part was that we were all together. A whole day in our pajamas and hanging out, singin Christmas crols, I played poorly on the piano and before the piano, acappella with my fahter's warm stonr tenor and my mother's sweet soprano. As my father would say, " the gang" was at home, together.

crochet christmas tree pattern

A day spent in peace and celebration. Both my parents had December birthdays and I vowed, and kept that vow, from a very early age, to observe and celebrate their birthdays. They had very kindly had me in June, plenty of time to get loaded up again on presents. I didn't want them, my beloved ones, to be without and it pained me to think that their own births, by accident of proximity, were overshadowed by Christ's.

crochet christmas tree pattern
My father wasn't always able to be with us, once from some horrible something that made his hands blister and swell, and other times, because as he worked his way up, he had to work. How they always surprised, I have no idea, but they did.

Anyway I digress. We preferred the "fluffy" trees, the scotch pines over the balsam firs. I've got my trees
patterns at Etsy

as well as several little trees.
Joy in the making!

crochet christmas tree pattern

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