Monday, November 10, 2008

Sources on the Net

Someone asked me on Etsy about knitted leaves. Sigh. If only they wanted my crocheted leaf patterns.

Since I learned to knit them online, I referred her to the site. It was a Tree Undone the effort for Burning Man, where i found a pattern for knit leaves, that made the beautiful aspen-shaped leaves ( ignore that picture, the leaf is rounder and fuller)

Here is the N.E.pattern repurposed for a wine cozy. Ignore the cozy and see the nice leaves

But along the way, I made a 3 hour detour on looking at knit leaves and found a fabulous site by a now departed creator. Her proud daughter shares her works and her patterns are just
what I aspire to be: clear! dagnabbit without going the long way around for an effect nor presenting blobs as lines.

The TikkunTree Project
A community art project: growing peace stitch by stitch
(When completed, the TikkunTree will be a silent community sculpture, part of a larger exhibit on the olive tree; but its diverse hand-made foliage, doves and candles will speak eloquently of the thoughts and hopes for peace of its many contributors.)
Love this kind of effort!
led me to Sally George
and is so much my heart and interest: leaves and flowers--- and what a neat way to have a vein down the middle!


Tikkunknitter said...

Thanks so much for visiting the TikkunTree project. Your crocheted leaves are lovely, and I've added a link to them so that others will find them as well.

Ginger said...

I love the leaves Akua, I am going to find out how to participate...