Thursday, March 8, 2007

Purple MagnifiHAt

I've been yearning for a purple hat. I miss my purple hats that are in my home. I want to go home. Anyway, I was gifted with lotf of gorgeous purple bits. I started out sad that I did not have more blue purple and then, dug through to find more of my favorite true purple and amened where i could, the red/pink purple with shiny bits. This is a free form form -- there are many more pieces than it seems as some fo the traingles and rectangles just fit in so well. My head is about 2 inches bigger than the form's so it sad that having finally acquired one, I couldn't use it for pieceing in the way i had hoped, I had to take it on and off my head......

Furthere, this involved my first unraveling/redoing in a looong time. But it is such a cozy comfy fit on me,,,, i want to sleep in it.
I think I may make another purple hat... i love these yarns!

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