Wednesday, February 28, 2007

uh using knitting to Freee Form!

At the Tuesday night fiber gathering I started, I was gifted with a spool knitter and several pairs of knitting needles, ( two I will keep and the others will go into the growing share/ get people started cache) courtesy of a lovely lady whose aging aches make such needle work untenable.

I learned two ways to cast on, knit a couple of rows

I did my first fabric bits knitting incorporated them into the scrumble for the Free Form challenge. I used my brand spanking newly gifted knitting needles, some big old silver clankers, Boye 11 that are a bit too long for me, to start and nearly finish another earth.

I didn't like Earth 1 as much I wanted to, lol, but i love Earth Two (any sf fanatics remember that show?) if for no other reason than it started with knitting and nearly concludes with knitting---

I tried to mimic what i saw Myra suggest on knitty gritty and just wove the knitting needle in the top of a row of block stitches and then i knit a fabric to fill in the space between that area and a block stitch cricle - an earth wheel -- (my second working of that Bonnie P motif, love it!) I was so excited to "pick up" in that way and even grab another spot of fabric to knit into/from.

But i don't know how to cast off... i thought i had cast off correctly but the yarn was at the bottom and there i was with a loop hang out with no yarn to thread through it
so what's a freeformer to do but snatch it up with some more fiber and a crochet hook and make a bit more, LOL!
I'm feeling really good,, even though I didn't cast off quite right, crochet was there to save the day. I have no clue which method of knitting I'm using... the yarn is wrapped around my left index finger the fabric is on the left hand needle.... i alternated row of knit with a row of purl.

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