Friday, January 5, 2007


I love this texture, this pattern, this patterning. Soft cubes like drawing lines to make patterns, the create interest, suggest direction in two dimesions though with yarn, it is three.

I had to follow closely the pattern. It is done in the diagonal, and the directions for what is allegedly the same thing, done straight does not look like this... how can i figure out how to do this, more easily?

It was built like climbing stairs, stagger stacking blocks, til i finally got the hang of it , but only in the moment, only as i read along and finally, like learning to ride my bike, pedaled on a bit without someon holding on. O!!! I remember that sense of imbalance, that lack of center and then finding it.
is where I learned how .
here arre othere sites:
corner start stitch:

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