Saturday, January 6, 2007

Help Me Wtih This Bag

Bag with Amber Resin Button

Bag with Amber Resin Button

Flowers on Handle

Back of Bag

Back Detail

Round Button

Bag with other Amber Resin Button

Help me design my bag. I love flowers, but as this bag is not for me, I don’t know whetherto have any and if I do, how many? This bag is not yet felted, all the fibers are wool. The flower is brand new to me, I realized that while I wanted to add a splash of color, I didn’t want it to be another stuck on the front of the bag, circle of fiber. So this is my not quite fuschia not quite lily form. So what iteration works for you?


Patt said...

I like the one with all the flowers grouped together on the front, if you are going with flowers or just one flower in the bottom front corner of the bag with the round button.
Hugs Patt

belsoko said...

Hi Akua,
Not sure that my input will help you a lot, because I like it better without the flowers ...
I think the shape is quite nice and that it is it's simplicity that makes it pretty.