Thursday, January 18, 2007


The Freeform Group on yahoo has been such a source of inspiration for me .My own crochet inclintations were definitely free form. I ached through defining dimensionality when no one shared these words or thoughts. I made wild hats and saw -- in NYC--- nothing like what i wore and created walking down the street. I had the courage of my convictions, but not the conviction of my convictions.

There was a book i found by Sylvia Cosh, the mother of freeform that i bought back when-- yes now 25 or so years ago. It's priceless. I also have her Crochet Sweater Book that has my favorite pattern--- stone circles. I have a gorgeous waiting to be finished sweater that I've flown with and worked on--- still not done --- in some fabulous not unaffordable yarn. I used the stone circle motif in a freeform hat

I remember once in the Strand in the 80s--- i had a boyfriend who worked there--- a woman stopped me and told me how increedible my hat was and that i should sell them. I would have, if I could have figured out a way how to. On the other hand , I was working hard to be a world-class poet and begging for sax lessons, having recently acquired a beautiful tenor.

Given that this moment in my life history finds me both without money and without the means to get to the little I had invested in and accumulated, I am unalbe to tatlly fulfill this impetus--- that is make lots of scrumbles in related colorways to then assemble.

That said i love this dress, as she seemed to just emerge from these bits of yarn i've been gifted and acquired in someone's leftover ends sale.

then playing with cords.... well they looked like limbs, and yes Bonnie P. has already blazed this trail, but i am so enamored at the body for these---sijjngle strand--- and unstuffed.

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