Friday, March 1, 2013

Happy National Crochet Month

Welcome and thanks for visiting during National Crochet Month!

To celebrate, I’m offering a stitch tutorial and, for three days, a new free pattern.

Charity of the Month: Project Night Night

Project Night Night is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides over 25,000 Night Night Packages to homeless children each year.  Each package consists of a new sturdy tote bag with a new security blanket, an age-appropriate children’s book, and a stuffed animal.  These comfort objects help to reduce the trauma of homelessness. Both the handmade blankets and stuffed animals provide the children with objects of love and security.
You can help Project Night Night by making and sending in a new crocheted blankets (50” x 60” or smaller) and/or making a financial donation. I love that it lists the shelters it serves, so if you prefer, you could find one in your community or hometown to support.
Here’s where to donate goods:
Here’s where to  donate money:

The Crochet Guild of America
I’m an associate professional member of the Crochet Guild of America (CGOA), which offers two national conferences each year with an extensive list of crochet classes, an annual Design Competition, and a Master of Advanced Crochet Stitches and Techniques program.  I’ve benefited greatly from the community, as there is none locally to sustain and encourage me.
Crochet Tour Details

Here’s a link to the Crochetville blog post with the full list of participants:
March 4 Amy O'Neill Houck  Akua Lezli Hope

Check out my patterns at

Free Patterns

My store at Etsy includes my creations as well as my patterns:
Stitch Tutorial: Orange Wedges

Regular crochet meets Tunisian in this stitch called orange wedges, which creates little wedges/scallops/shells. This adds raised texture and dimension to your work.  It’s an elevated fan, a fiber Mohawk, a waving shell.  I love it for it’s quirkiness a quick decorative effect.
From where you are (or want to be) on a piece, chain 9. Turn, and starting with the second chain from hook, working in the back/bump of the chain, pull up a loop in each chain, keeping each loop on the hook. Yarn over  and pull through all the loops on the hook. Chain 1 to secure. Sc in next stitch, or make more right there by putting a couple of chain spaces between and repeating ( this takes you further off the fabric). You may vary the number of chains and thereby the size of your wedge – my next favorite number is 12.

Free Pattern March 3-5:  Pockets and Pillows Motif

Two of my favorite texture stitches emboss and figure this circular motif.  An intermediate-level pattern, or a challenging introduction to some of yarns stuffing and shaping possibilities for a beginner


I’m assistant editor at  I'm looking for poetry about crocheting, and invite folks to send their creations. Launched in May 2012,  Crochet Savvy Magazine features up-and-coming crochet designers, bloggers, and yarn spinners. CSM goes behind the scenes of crocheting by providing tutorials, book recommendations and how-to’s.  CSM promotes new designers and yarn spinners to the huge community of crochet fans and supporters who want fun, fashionable, trendy patterns and looks.  In addition to its web presence, CSM is also available by digital download via iBooks through the Apple App Store/iTunes.

Joy in the making!

Akua Lezli Hope

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