Thursday, April 25, 2019

Volumetric, 3-D Leaves From Sheru

Crochet Leaf Pattern 56
LOVE love love this, dimensional leaf ---tall stitches and short row Tunisian for shaping….
I fell in love with a new-to-me form. It’s a 3-dimensional/textured, volumetric leaf. Though, when I made some, they bloom into flower forms.
They are only two rows and their cleaver construction suggests an approach that I have to find other uses for…. I’ve done it for a flat leaf -- that is the short row/regular hook stuffed with stitches approach to Tunisian. This volumizes/textures the fabric and done unsupported, lays flat. Also in that flat leaf form, the shape is determined by hand, by graduated strand height pulls. The inexactitude can be annoying -- it is for me. The last strand can be longer than the first, but the ones in-between don’t always have neat increments.
This is the leaf I’m talking about, which when I found it, it also blew my mind at the time: 
Tunisian Crochet Leaf and Flower

I eagerly applied the approach to shell making, to texturizing, to scrumbling, without making the easy leap  to solving the even graduated height increment challenge -- smacking forehead--- I/we’ve used it to make wings and spirals and other things -- graduated stitches. 

This new leaf  So simple -- so these are graduated stitches, with the tunisian overlay and this Voluptuous Fruit form of a leaf emerges-- aI want to try to apply it to a flower. 
Anyway, this is from the brilliant and educative, which has a treasure trove of Russian/Ukranian forms a vocabulary that continues to inspire.

 And there's another one -- simpler, still packs tons of drama! Oval Crochet Leaf 55.

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