Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Doily Rug For Outside Front Door

I love swirly whirly designs in doilies, and the radiant, graduate petal looks. On Ravelry I aw a rug that had both the whirling petals and a nice density. The maker said it was from a 1991 book she got from the library. So I Googled 1991 doily books and couldn't find anything that showed a doily like this.

Finally, I chanced it (yes, I'm congenitally shy) and asked her the name of the book.
It was from Crochet Lace in Pictures by Yoko Suzuki.  I saw another project that looked very similar --  up to Row 20 of a pattern by Agnes Russel, Passionate Plum Doily in the book Favorite Throws and Table Toppers.

As my local library is inaccessible to me, I would have to by it or find it.
After hours of Googling and the lure of torrent sites, I found the 1991 book (and no malware or adware) on Scribd. The pattern is an “application exercise”, but so instructive -- it is charted(!)

as now I know how to structure the windmill and it could be made with more or fewer of these arms/petals/blades.

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