Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Crochet Installation - Public Art at Home

Spring is at long last here and to celebrate its arrival I designed and installed a "fence flower". This was about the hands as well as the head.

I began with a protoype made of a yellow aran superwash that's been languishing.
It could serve as a place setting.

I've long wanted to do some crochet installation in my domain. I had previously considered yarn graffiti on my tree or street sign -- I may still do that -- but
my chain link fence offers the perfect convas , and a daily audience as my street is on the foot and drive path to an elementary school a few blocks uphill.

It took a lot more rope than I thoguht it would -- 6 packs  of 100 feet each, so 200 yards altogether. and I simplified the  center for the fence flower. But I still love looking at it and have embarked on yet another fence-flower design.

I've dedicated this design to the late, great musician, B.B.King.

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Stephanie B. said...

Love your installation and that it is dedicated to the late great B.B. King