Thursday, November 27, 2014

Gift-A-Long 2014 Continues! Artesanity Interview

Through the end of the year, join me and 292 other independent designers in Gift-A-Long 2014 on  Chat it up in threads, crochet and knit! holiday gifts, and be eligible for many fabulous prizes. The Gift-A-Long extravaganza will last through the end of the year.  It is our gift to you to thank you for supporting Independent Designers!
One of these inventive indies is the bistitchual Annina Päivärinta AKA Artesanity.

How did you first learn to knit/crochet? 
Knit: in 4th grade. I hated it. I remember I made a head wrap and ended up having 1/3 more stitches than when I started :)
Crochet: It was summer I could had been 10 y-o, in the beginning of 90’s coz we had jeans jackets my cousin and me when granny taught us to crochet flowers.

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What inspired you to start designing? 

The fact that I wanted something that was not for sale, didn’t exist or was so expensive that I couldn’t afford it. I wanted to do Super Cool things for my friends and family.
And the fact that I can’t follow patterns. I’m too impatient. And coz the creativity has to come out somehow :)

What led you to start designing patterns for sale? 

Greed, the deadly sin. No… It was a lady that interviewed me after I got honorary mentioned in a mittens designing competition. She said “wouldn’t it be nice if this pattern got you rich”. Well yeah! Didn’t happen though. But I am currently putting my bf through university so the little extra I get from patterns sales is really a lot!

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What are your favorite knit/crochet books ? 

I don’t have any. If I need to know some stitch or pattern, I google.

What are you working on now? 

A sleeves wrap thingy. I love long and wide sleeves and thumb holes and big collars and this has just that, nothing more nothing less. I hope to go public with it soon, but Christmas is coming and I have a big to-do pile of DIY presents.

Websites/blogs you visit regularly for inspiration or community? 

Ravelry of course for community. Google and eBay for inspiration. I can type in a word and get all these images come up. It’s not like I’m copying other ppl’s designs, I just get inspired from them, it can be a stitch, a detail, color, background anything and then I start to build my design around that detail.

I also watch a lot of movies and tv-series. I’m a sci-fi girl and sometimes that shows in my designs. I’m also a fan of steam punk.

Low Winters Sun

What are your favorite tools? 

Paper and a pen.

What is your favorite stitch? 

K tbl. Somehow I’m fascinated about the different it makes to knit in the back of a stitch.

Do you have a favorite fiber? 


Do you have a favorite yarn weight? 

DK or thicker. I’m no lace knitter, it’s an impatient thing.

Do you teach or have you taught knitting/Crochet? 

Nope. I once tried to teach a 6 y-o to knit, it didn’t work out. But I would love to be a teacher! Either in hand crafts or cooking. I have a day job as a cook.

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