Friday, November 21, 2014

CHEMUNG New Cable Crochet Hat Design

I am so excited about Chemung! It is still not finished but I couldn’t wait to post about it. This thread will ultimate become the posting thread. The idea has pushed past ll the others in queue and said, ”I’m new, I’m next!”
These are shots of the second one -- I couldn’t finish the first because I ran out of yarn.
However the first one -- in worsted -- seemed to want to be in dk.

So I began again, refined the pattern and made the body of the second hat.
Now the part that is not yet completed is the brim, but now that I’ve seen and felt it without the brim -- I think I will present the hat with both versions.
It is named for the river which runs through my micropolis and the Valley we inhabit which shares the same name. It is said to mean “land of the saber tooth” but since they predate humans I don’t think it’s an accurate translation of the indigenous name.
I love how the cable says river and hills and valley -- that it resembles the terrain here -- and that you can wear it to look like a helmet, or a side braid.

The brim went very fast-- i guess it was slower the first time because I was making it up. I really love this hat as an evocation of place and time. It can be worn with its peak or pulled down as the beanie it is. As soon as I write up finishing directions, I’m ready to test.

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