Saturday, March 29, 2014

Pattern Discovered, New Pillow

So in looking for one thing, I was lead to another, a handsome Russian( pattern)
that I found so very compelling.

Its sinous curves and arches looked like towers and minarets, or softened oinion domes. The chart was clear but challenging.
I finally came to understand it as an attenuated/elongated wave chevron pattern - with gathers over 5, 7, or  19 stitches, with pillars of stitches rising above the deep gathered valleys.
It can be found here:

The colors in the tiny image are lovely and color continues to be a challenge for me.
But I put my favorites -- yellow and purpe to gether  thinking working from dark to light and add a contrast (green).

'Tis is the year of the figurative in freeform for me, so the pillow edges have two spirt women.  One of my  smack my forehead moments was realziing that framing the figures, extended them in an easy to use way.

This National Crochet Month I spent time working on objects for my home -- for the first time. My yellow leather couch is enhanced by this pillow:

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