Thursday, April 25, 2013


In my search for whirling/pinwheel doilies, I put in an ebay search which sends me an email whenever it has something I seek. Unable to find this design online, I bought the tear sheets. They arrived yesterday and I made the motif this morning. It went far faster than I thought it would, but i was disappointed with how it looked. Then I iron blocked it and the pattern that had called to me, emerged. The pattern is a chart with a few words about hook and yarn size. The most words are about joining motifs -- which is the easiest and most apparent part of the whole thing.

This set up another little voyage of discovery. The pattern noted the designer ( the tear out had three other designs “Fine Art Crochet” Floret Lace, Curlicue Lace, Scallop Lace -- with charts, written directions and no attribution). This designer Elizabeth Hiddleson has a ton of work in the library, many collections and many works in magazines. This particular design was not listed, so I’ve added it.  Her motifs are many, complex, varied and impressive.  They are published in the 80s and 90s. What has become of her? Has she retired?

Well thank you, Ms. Hiddleson.  I was glad to make your acquaintance.$T2eC16dHJGYE9noojjIsBRIyKC2P0g~~60_57.JPG

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GMaEllen said...

This is so lovely! Stopped me in my tracks. lol. :D