Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Ah! The joys of ever larger applications of crochet! The dainty intricacies of doilies are appreciated anew when they are expanded to wall-size  decor, or used as stencils for  steel, plastic, and shaped into furniture.

I needed a break from the intense, lately pleasure-delimiting  thought-work of pattern writing and so asked a bit, read a bit  and looked at various doily and motif pattern books to start a rug.

I got some great advice -- I know because in choosing the piece that i liked the most, I didn't follow the advice and it's not working out! Sigh.

Four strands of LB WoolEAse is not  sizing up -- the motif in thread is 4.5" and done with 4 strands and a 10mm hook -- all I got was 11.5 inches, not an explosion!

So I've got to design more, add more rows. Images from 101 Motifs for Thread Crochet and Bib Book of Little Doilies.

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