Friday, November 11, 2011

Elephant Mask

Between the movie Dumbo and the Babar books, how could I not love elephants? My life long affection was solidified by my own anatomy, my uncles teased me about my large ears,which by some quirk of my child psyche, became a source of pride and my favorite feature.

I guess that's why I create earrings and wanted to pierce them again, way before your born, when two piercings were unheard of, and my mother threatened to put me out the house, should i do such a thing. Just to finish this tangent, about a decade and half later when I returned home to see the second piercings in her ears and screamed
in protest, she treated me to a pair of gold studs and my second piercings. End of non sequitur.

The most challenging part of designing this mask was the ears. There were three versions before I found the one I like. The trunk took two iterations.

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