Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sizing Struggles

I've nearly finished the Amandla Sweater for my brilliant and beloved first niece. And I'm so delighted with it, that I've written the pattern and am now struggling with sizing the armholes...

It's simple enough in shape, but the fabric is complex and my brain nearly aches with trying to figure out what armhole sizes should be and how they should be worked. the back, fronts and sleeaves are straightforward-- prescribed by industry charts, but making and meeting the varying armhole sizes is less simple.

It just came to me that i can do a fudge -- where the decrease for the pattern might be too large, I can fill it in with sc and hdc...hmmmm.. almost ready to test and make another one!

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Evelyn said...

Best of luck with the sleeve sizing ... and fudging should be allowed!