Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Craving and Creating

I have several new thoughts being actualized. They include

1. a headwrap hat. For some reason I resist the word "turban" but in the millinery
sense, this is what it is. I translated my fabric headwrap to a crocheted fabric
and I am very excited by the results.

2. a headband. I am so enamored of the elasticity and texture of the stitch
used in the headwrap hat, that I made a headband for my niece at Oxford.
(gosh I'm proud)

3. neckwarmer for my brother in law. I wanted a more masculine fabric. I
am infatuated with this stitch pattern too, and am thinking it would be great
for some handwarmers.

4. scarf for youngest nephew. I couldn't find the pattern I made up last
year for his scarf -- Cable Lace and so I made up another one and then found
the notes on the one last year. It's taking a lot more time and work than
I thought but it's looking good.

Not yet realized, but half written and sketched:

5. Spring Toque ( just learned this word and dig it)

6. Daché (for Lilly Daché)

7. Bounty Bobble

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