Sunday, October 25, 2009

Making the Presents

Fortunately, I made a sale on Etsy and so I promptly spent the money on buying Christmas gifts to be: wool and alpaca to make cowls. I so covet the one I made for my dear brother in law. His inspired the others. I was blessed to have won some Shetland Chunky by Patons and using doble strands made a gorgeous tube of comfy, fashionable warmth.

Next completed is the one of grey highland wool and black alpaca for my bff.

I started one for my niece out of a black boucle with purple bits, but I've set it aside.
I started one in irish moss colored wool and alpaca for my father's widow.
And I've got Mayan gold to create one for my sister, but I'm in search of another
fabrice texture.

My brother in law's is hdc and dc. My bff's and niece's are fpdc.

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