Thursday, January 17, 2008

Ahhh Many Stitches Later...

Well the knitted leaves lead to a knitting for a LMAO. Wow! that was some wild stepping out for me.

And then I knitted a hat.

Well, half knitted it... I knitted the leaves and the crocheted the top.

It is one of my favorite hats.

Then I started another hat and the Column of Leaves scarf.... Those are still languishing by the side of the bed. But I fell in love with knitting and crocheting and so for the holiidays, my Christmas gifts included leaf bookmarks, which enabed me to explore again chainmaking and at the end of the crocheted chain I would knit leaves..

Now my new 20008 exploration is KOOLAID DYEING. Iused up the last of the wonderful handspun I was gifted
felting and dyeing and wow! how vivid and intense the Koolaid dyeing is...

glad i won a couple of auctions of various handspun undyed for a grrrrreat price on ebay so i can gift and explore some more.


Sacredartist said...

Your knitted leaves are amazing. The bookmarks remind me of a project that my mother did in the 70's and I have been thinking about...but don't have a pattern for. They were pony tail ties ...chain stitch and at the end the crochet was made into like a corkscrew or spring. I remember really enjoying wearing them...though I don't know if my daughter would or not.
Your hats look beautiful!!!

Jacqui said...

Your knitted/crochet items are beautiful. I remember wearing dresses that my mam had crochet I thought I was the bees knees. I've asked her to make some for my girls, but she got into machine knitting and made them outfits with that instead ~ not quite the same detail in them though, mustn't grumble it was good of her to make them.