Sunday, July 22, 2007

Loss and Giving

I'm feeling a bit adrift.

Sekou Sundiata, an old comrade, poet, teacher, creator, died last week at a mere 58. This opens afresh the wounds of loss, my dear friendf since high school, Doulgas David Walker, founder of the electronic music group Alien Planetscapes, died last year, as did another once-friend and brilliant musician, Hilton Ruiz. And earlier this year, a poet of long (30 year) acquaintance, Judith Dothard Simmons,

The folks touched me and shared incredible mythic and magic times with me. Douglas was such a touchstone, because he and I were among those in high school who organized and worked for creating a better world. And I learned that Sekou was an organizing progressive force as early as college.... not a surprise, just an affirmation of what was manifest when I met and knew him (1970s-80s).

So I am sorrowing and am making many little things, keeping myself busy. I'm experimenting with fiber and fabric and realize I need a teflon sheet or parchment paper to complete this experiment.

Thank you, MD, for the wonderful box of fibers. They are inspiriational! Tell me how to be in touch with you.

I working on several multimedia pieces using crocheted female figures as the focal pieces.

And I realized I need to recommit myself to giving, especially as my crochet workshop here has stoppped, I've got to make something with the intention of giving it away.

The Black Crafters Group is holding a green challenge and so I've focused on that for these figures and for the fibers I've been experimenting with---I intend to use this for wings, and for aTCs.

Speaking of wings--- perhaps I'll do another entry on them. I've not hit upon the wongs that I want for my women. Then I realized my leaf pattern would make a great wing, especially joined.

I want to mention this wonderful group on the web that continues to inspire me and remind me of ways of giving and the good good goodness that exists in the world as people fufill their desire to make and create and use their hands and hearts and then point this desire to meeting others needs. All praises!

All Crafts 4 Charity

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