Saturday, April 7, 2007

Flower Necklaces

It might as well be spring. But the snow floating through the screen here on the 12th floor says otherwise. April April
no showers, crystla water.

Yet i felt it arrive before this retreat and I've been making lots of flowers, teaching designing. Had a furhter thought on my
leaves and I am still enamored of felting/fulling.

I finally finished and mailed two necklaces to two wonderful women who have aided me in this dire time.
The red charm necklace is on its way to Jacqui who loves red.

The flower necklace is on its way to the mandala maven, Claude Aimee.


Nancilyn said...

These are wonderful necklaces!

tangled stitch said...

Your work is very beautiful. I'm so glad i took a look at your blog. Debra Ann

mcdc3s said...

These are beautiful!