Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Teaching Sharing

started a crocheting group in my building. I'm teaching a couple of folks how to crochet and
another, how to make a 3d doll/figure. We are supposed to meet in the community room, but as it it 30 feet of glass on one side, it is cold.
So we meet in the library.
This Tuesday we had other onlookers,,,,

As is our habit we brought stuff to share--- in this case, tea. I placed the teabags on the table in front of me , where Debbie had palced green tea. The old lady snatched them all.
dont take all my tea I complained
Your tea she asked
Yes my tea
You can take one but not all
Your tea she repeated
Yes. Dont you share
No she said i don't want to share
and with that she put back the white tea
but not the others she had already stuffed ito her purse
and left.

I'm told she is about 104.

I made a chicken/rooster who needs his beak and tail feathers--- I thought to perhaps stick in feathers
for his tail and wasn't sure how to approach his beak as he is small and I would have to get thread and a tiny hook to keep it proportional. In the last week I've completed a freeform doll based on a baby lotion bottle, a pocketbook and leaf with flower bookmarks.

I'm still working on writing and developing new leaf patterns. I decided on another appraoch to the round bottom... for my shield/leaf form....

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